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July 05 2017, Grenier Volkswagen

Tire Information

Primarily for performance vehicles, these tires provide better control, agility and stability Balanced for wet and dry performance with acceptable traction in light winter weather Provides better traction on dry roads, ice, snow and slush in colder temperatures Fewer tire grooves results in higher grip levels on wet and dry roads Has modest tread depth to reduce noise and increase comfort Has an aggressive tread design and siping (slits) to bite snow and push away water and slush Provides greater flexibility and optimum performance in summer... Read more

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July 05 2017, Grenier Volkswagen

Das WeltAuto

Drive on and on … and on and on. Has the Volkswagen you’ve fallen for been around the block? We’re very proud of that. And we want the feeling to last. We thoroughly inspect every Das WeltAuto pre-owned vehicle to make sure it meets the quality standards that you expect from a Volkswagen.... Read more